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A Premium Hacking Experience

Full desktop operating systems in our cloud:

  • Your own instances of various operating systems and hacking environments, for every challenge. (Unlike other hacking platforms)
  • Take and restore snapshots of the state of your systems. (Unlike other hacking platforms)

Servers uniquely generated for you to hack:

  • Every server is uniquely generated, with randomised challenges. (Unlike any other hacking platform.)
  • No shared instances, except where it’s a benefit. (Unlike other hacking platforms, where other users can often interrupt your work.)
  • You can stop and restart your servers, and take snapshots and restore their state.
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A Unique Learning Experience

Learning pathways (modules/"hacktivities") carefully designed to level you up:

  • Hands on hacking and defensive cyber security: you will learn theory and always apply it to solve practical tasks and challenges.
  • The emphasis is on learning through doing, and through approaching problems with offensive security in mind.
  • Capture the Flag (CTF) in every cyber security module!
  • Comprehensive labs provide in-depth knowledge: dig in to the details.
  • Our curriculum is based on the Cyber Security Body of Knowledge (CyBOK).
  • Our key cyber security degrees are provisionally accredited by the National Cyber Security Centre.

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A Huge Amount of Content

A huge amount of content awaits you:

  • Hundreds of scenarios with thousands of challenges.
  • Full length labs, that will build your knowledge and confidence, by challenging you to put everything you learn into practice.
  • 70+ Lecture videos covering important concepts and tools.

Gamified fun learning:

  • Leaderboards.
  • Team work.
  • Fun scenarios.

Cutting Edge Technology

Hacktivity builds on the technology we develop and deploy.


  • Randomises hacking challenges and lab environments (this is unique, other platforms only use static challenges)
  • Provides realistic scenarios with real systems that can be attacked and defended


  • Enables defensive and investigative challenges
  • Work at your own pace and interact with Hackerbot, who attacks your systems
  • Fun and enjoyable

Our virtualisation datacenter:

  • We have invested in making sure our users have a great experience, whether working on campus or working remotely
  • Uses SPICE for responsive and high quality access to remote VM desktops

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Learn more about the benefits of membership, delivering Hacktivity within your organisation!